Vibrating Dog


Everything vibrates. Everything is movement. 

Vibrations can have a calming effect and encourage relaxation. In doing so, they also activate real receptors in the skin, which transmit stimuli to the central nervous system. Sensory stimuli such as hearing and feeling can thereby be intensified, stimulus sensations can be perceived more clearly.

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His cute face with the big eyes enchants just looking at it, tempts you to touch it and conveys a feeling of security.
The soft head can be crumpled and kneaded wonderfully. As a result, the vibrating dog constantly changes his facial expressions. The weight of approx. 2 kg is just right to promote proprioception using gentle pressure.
The combination of soft micro-velor and stable 3D special textile stimulates the skin’s sensory properties, which experience valuable stimuli.

But the dog can do more!
Inside, a removable vibration rod (included) ensures vibrations that can be set to different intensities. This enables even more intensive stimulation – especially of the hands.

Lenny is a valuable companion, especially in geriatrics.

Lenny is available in different colors (belly and under the ears)!

Material & Care

Material: special textile, 100% polyester, suitable for allergy sufferers
Filling: polymer balls (food safe )
Wash Care: machine washable up to 40 degrees (remove module beforehand!). No dryer! No spin cycle!

Not suitable for children under 3 years!
Use only under supervision!

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Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange