HUGI Pressure Weight Vest


Hugis have significantly less weight (max. 2.5 kg for size L). This makes them ideal for hypotonic children (weak muscle tone).


Feel safe!

Our pressure / weight vests have been able to help numerous children in everyday life for more than 15 years

  • to concentrate better,
  • To be able to process environmental stimuli better,
  • Improve fine motor skills,
  • Improve posture,
  • to feel more secure overall.

The well-known weight vest vest, which has been used by therapists for more than 17 years, forms the basis for the new hugi development.

And yet the hugi differs from the classic therapy weight vest and thus defines a new area of ​​application.

Thanks to the use of a special textile specially developed for this vest, hugi is particularly elastic. (Turns out small! If in doubt, please order one size larger!)
Hugis have significantly less weight (max. 2.5 kg for size L). This makes them ideal for hypotonic children (weak muscle tone).
Air penetrates 100% through the vest. The pure, washed quartz sand with which we fill the vest is a natural material and helps to regulate body temperature. This counteracts accumulated heat and sweating.
The new hugis are a real everyday aid, especially for children with poor concentration and mild perception disorders, children with restless motor skills and hypotonic children.

A hugi just in case

In a study conducted, wearing the hugi to school and doing homework contributed to increased concentration and better performance. The test subjects told us that they felt “safer” with the vest. All children felt comfortable with your hugi and want to wear her regularly in the future too. Parents and teachers gave us consistently positive feedback. It is important to know: None of our vests are an educational aid! They are not an aid to sitting still, but promote self-awareness and thereby increase the ability to develop neural muscles.

hugi? Fits!
So that the hugi fits, here is some information about size selection.

hugis are stretchy. This means that they can be worn over a longer period of time and so to speak grow with them. If a child is between two hugi sizes, two vests should be ordered to choose from. The child should decide which vest is comfortable to wear. If you already know in advance that your child can tolerate or needs pressure well, choose the smaller vest.

A hugi just looks great!

Our tailors have put a lot of effort into the design. The new design is child-friendly and just looks cool. A Hugi in your child’s favorite color will quickly become a “must have”, not only for learning and concentration training.

A hugi – YOUR hugi!

Hugis are entirely handcrafted with great attention to detail and 100% made by us in Germany. Thanks to flexible production, we can respond to special requests. Please contact us at

Your hugi – your style

Choose your favorite color for the binding from 4 colors. The basic color of a hugi is always dark blue.
Your hugi will be delivered with a matching hood. You can buy the hood in a different color and change it according to your mood.


We use high-quality special textiles. They are hard-wearing and robust, comfortable on the skin and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Light soiling can be wiped off or washed off with a damp sponge and a little washing-up liquid.

Products up to 5 kg can be washed in a standard washing machine (please note the payload!) At 40 degrees. Do not spin and do not tumble dry!
Hang the vests to dry in a warm and airy place for about 2 hours.
They are then ready for use again.

Additional information


Mini(110-116) Waist 50-55cm, 1kg, XXS(122-128) Waist 55-60cm, 1.2kg, XS(134-128) Waist 60-65cm, 1.5kg, S(146-152) Waist 65-70cm, 2kg, M(156-164) Waist 70-75cm, 2.3kg, L(172-176) Waist 75-80cm, 2.5kg


Blue, Lime, Pink, Bordeaux