Weight Vest


Pressure and weight give the brain a sense of stability. Weight vests help you stay calm.


This is how the weight vest works:

Pressure and weight stimulate the skin’s sensors and transmit new stimuli to the nervous system. All the nerves inform the brain of this new situation. The brain then builds up muscle tone in the trunk, the upper body is straightened. Then the brain “takes care” of arms, legs, hands and feet.

The weight is just as important as the pressure, as a more intense and more memorable stimulus is felt, similar to the pressure in the womb.

The human brain is constantly busy keeping us humans in balance. If important information is missing, an attempt is made to obtain it with the help of motor restlessness.

Pressure and weight give the brain a sense of stability.

Target Users

The weight vest offers an  innovative aid  in the treatment of:

• Disturbances in perception • Postural disorders • Poor concentration • Autism • Trisomy 21 • Mental and physical disabilities • ADHD / ADS and more …

Additional information


Blue/ Blue, Raspberry Red/ Blue


Mini(Size46-52cm,1.2kg), Medi I(Size52-56cm,1.5kg), Medi II(Size54-58cm,2, Medi III(Size56-64cm,2.5kg), Maxi I(Size65-72cm,3kg), Maxi II(Size65-72cm,3.5kg), Super Max I(Size72-78cm,4kg), Super Max II(Size72-78cm,8kg), ESW 90(Size83-95cm,5kg), ESW 100(Size94-112cm,5.5kg)