Weight Blanket – Fluffy & Super Soft


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Why Weight Blankets? Why Fluffy?

Weight blankets are developed for people with sensory impairment. The weight and even pressure of the blankets convey security and enable the brain to orientate itself in space through feedback from the nerve cells. Motor and mental restlessness, cramps or states of tension can be resolved by the weight blankets.

The velvety variant of the tried and tested weighted blankets is only lightly filled offering a gentle boundary without great pressure. The velvety special textile stimulates the skin in the most pleasant way. It gives a feeling of security and calm. 

Who is it for?

Particularly suitable for hypotonic people with problems in sensory perception who, in addition to a slight limitation, prefer stimulation via the skin.

Less suitable for hypertensive people with a strong urge to move and a need for clear, unambiguous feedback. In these cases we recommend our tried and tested weight blankets.

The warm bordeaux red is based on the experience that people feel comfortable and secure in these colors that correspond to the womb.

Key Features

  • This blanket fits both children and adults. The practical little blanket can be used very flexibly. Especially for people who only want to use part of the weight, the blanket is the perfect size (for example as an application in the care of the elderly).
  • even weight distribution
  • comfortable, soft grip and high-quality look
  • special textile with pressure-distributing properties
  • breathable and easy-care
  • tested raw materials and high-quality, German processing

Material: 3D Belutex, special knitted fabric, suitable for allergy sufferers
Care: washable & 40 degrees hand wash, machine washable depending on weight. No dryer! No skidding!


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