Musical Bed


Mattress made of high quality cold foam including sound perception inside.

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Why a Musical Bed?

In some life situations, the change from bed to a musical room with suitable relaxation furniture is either difficult in terms of time or physically, or not at all.

With the sound mattress, we have managed to combine excellent lying comfort with the soothing deep relaxation of a sound application. A great solution for bedridden and severely restricted mobility people.

The technology built into the mattress can be connected to any stereo system or the sensory trolley with one click (output at least 30 RMS). Can be combined with Klangmobil!

We use high-quality cold foam as the basic material. On request, we can process viscoelastic, clinically tested foam for decubitus prevention.

Please inquire ( about this separately.

The removable covers are incontinence-resistant and can be disinfected.

Key Features

Care: incontinence cover, removable
Size: 90 x 200 cm (any size possible!)
Material: High quality cold foam cover incontinence-resistant and disinfectable, as well as exchangeable with a zip

With magnetic technology inside!