Gravity Chair


Helps maintain sitting posture to aid muscle strength

Gravity Chair allows people with special needs to maintain their sitting posture with ease and in comfort. Please read description below for more details on features, instructions to use and help in selecting size before ordering.

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Why a Gravity Chair?

Everyday we sit, stand, walk and run against an invisible force that we take for granted. Gravity is essential for our well being as it is the resistance against this force that stimulates muscle strength. Contrary to lying in bed, sitting requires our muscles to stabilize our posture. Therefore maintaining correct sitting posture is important for our physical and mental health.

However people with special needs and restricted mobility, are not able to stabilize themselves against the force of gravity which could result in muscle atrophy, negatively impacting bone density and the cardiovascular system.

Gravity Chair allows people with special needs to maintain their sitting posture with ease and in comfort.

Who is it for?

The Gravity Relaxation Chair is light, portable and simple to use by parents or caregivers and suits a wide range of client groups with varied occupational therapy requirements.  For example, clients who can only lie down learn to sit in the Gravity Relaxation Chair.  With clients who spasm, the chair absorbs the tension. Clients with scoliosis benefit with the addition of the wedge accessory which helps position the head and body comfortably. Clients with perception deficit or ADHD benefit from close contact with the chair which helps them stay calm.

Key Features

  • Low center of gravity for stable seated position
  • High position of armrests facilitates free breathing and increased blood oxygen
  • Light and portable – can be used almost anywhere
  • Suitable for a wide range of occupational therapy requirements and conditions
  • Air breathable fabric on front and back panels with wipe clean covers on other areas
  • Available in multiple colors

Optional Features

Please note some of the items shown in the video or pictures are not part of the base purchase of gravity chair. These items are listed below and available for purchase separately:

  • Therapy Tray
  • Swing
  • Soiling Protector
  • Abductor Wedge

Additional information

Seat Inlay Color

Black, Blue


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Design Features

Ready to use. Easy to Carry.

Gravity Chair has been designed to be as handy and portable as possible so you can take it wherever you want to. When you first take it out of its box, fiddly adjustments aren’t necessary; its ready for use. Made of soft and elastic urethane, its lightweight properties makes it ideal to carry around when on the move. See below some of its main design features.

gravity chair special needs all features list

Size Chart

Please use the following tables to choose the size of the gravity chair

User Height 90 to 110cm 110 to 130cm 130 to 150cm 150 to 170cm
Seat Depth 26cm 32cm 40cm 45cm
Seat Width at Back 20cm 23cm 27cm 30cm
Seat Width at Front 27cm 30.5cm 37cm 40cm
Back Height 60cm 69cm 74cm 80cm
Total Width of Chair 46cm 49cm 57cm 60cm
Total Height of Chair 55cm 61cm 66cm 71cm
Total Depth of Chair 60cm 71cm 82.5cm 91cm
Weight Limit 50kg 70kg 100kg 130kg
Small 50cm 52cm
Medium 52cm 61cm
Large 61cm 74cm
X-Large 64cm 80cm


Choose your favorite seat inlay color

2 colors to choose from. The seat inlay improves comfort and adds additional support and grip. The material is made of 3-D mesh fabric that exhibits superb breathability.


Video of a gravity chair user showing its features and functionality.